A +ve action

Listening to Chimamanda’s ted talk about the danger of a single story, here is my input

I have always told a single story about my place of work and that is probably because i do not like what i do or rather the environment, so saying the negative side became a default setting whenever asked about work. Everyone that knows me above the greeting phase should know this about me;

Derby: I am looking for a new job

Whyte: Why? I thought you were retained

Derby: I don’t like what i do, i don’t like the environment, the place is not healthy.

A lot of negative vibe around work related issue, a lot of triggers that makes me angry.

Henceforth, I will tell the positive part about my work place so people can have a better view of what the supposed company entails.

PS: I hope no one from my work place gets to read this…whew

The Beginning

I partially agree to the charade that I write a little bit well…Let’s see what this new phase will bring.

Often I find it hard to keep my concentration and then I wonder what makes me lose it in the first place and it totalled to fear…the fear of starting something maybe because I feel I’m not good enough or the thoughts of people saying i copied them bla bla bla…but hey ideas aren’t meant for one person…

Cheers to my new beginning!

Ps:My choice of words may seem unevenly…pardon.